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Dutch-based United Group, a leading telco and media provider, selected Nokia to support its rollout of a next-generation fibre network across Southeast Europe. This will bring new ultra-broadband and 10Gbps services to millions of additional residential and business users.

The Group said more than EUR 500 million is expected to be spent over the next five years to extend its fibre network into new areas and upgrade existing ones with 10Gbps enabled infrastructure based on Nokia’s XGS-PON.

Nokia will also supply WiFi-mesh-enabled equipment for a superior wireless internet experience in the home, including remote working, gaming, online TV, video streaming, and downloading content across multiple devices. Other features allow real-time monitoring of in-home networks and further optimization of WiFi settings network-wide.

United Group Vice President Technology Željko Batistić said: “As the region’s leading telecom serving a market of 40 million people, United Group is committed to investing in the most advanced technology in order to deliver our users the most innovative products and services and the best customer experience.”

Nokia Vice President and General Manager of Fixed Networks Division Sandy Motley: “We are looking forward to working together on United Group’s new phase of growth as its preferred fibre access network equipment provider. With our FTTH and WiFi solution, we are able to provide high-speed, reliable network infrastructure and an unmatched in-home WiFi experience that will meet United Group’s subscribers’ needs today and in the future.”

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