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Spirent Communications plc, the leading provider of test, assurance, and analytics solutions for next-generation devices and networks, announced the availability of the industry’s first subscription-based, automated 5G core test platform, designed to accelerate time to market and significantly reduce costs associated with 5G core validation.

The Spirent Landslide 5GC Automation Package includes a library comprised of hundreds of test cases developed and managed by Spirent’s 5G experts, which enables service providers to bring 5G offerings to market with greater speed and confidence.

As organizations race to develop and deploy 5G services, a critical step in ensuring successful 5G core deployment is the validation of performance, capacity, and compliance capabilities. Traditionally, this process takes many months of manual test case development based on evolving 3GPP standards, which is time-consuming, costly, and can delay the introduction of new services and revenue streams. The new Landslide 5G Core Automation Package has been developed to automate these validation processes, helping service providers save time and money while ensuring the quality of service and compliance.

“This is a true automation pipeline approach for service providers that need to accelerate their 5G deployment while managing tight budgets and resources,” said Doug Roberts, general manager of Spirent’s Lifecycle Service Assurance business. “The value extends well beyond initial deployment, helping validate network changes and, as standards evolve, eliminating the need to resource for ongoing test development.”

The Landslide 5GC Automation Package provides access to a managed library of hundreds of pre-built test cases covering compliance, capacity, and performance testing for nodal, adjacency, and end-to-end assessment, including the largest nodal coverage in the industry. It is built around a number of award-winning products and solutions such as Spirent Landslide core emulation, Spirent Velocity test automation, and the company’s world-class professional services. 

“Customers will not only benefit from significant time and cost savings, but they can also be confident that they are relying on Spirent’s extensive 5G expertise and proven test methodologies to minimize risk and ensure their 5G rollouts are a success,” added Roberts.

With 5G, service providers are facing a multitude of new challenges for the first time. From complex new technologies and multi-vendor environments to frequent vendor patches and releases, the demand for continuous innovation and continuous deployment (CI/CD) models is now a requirement to manage the speed, volume, and demand for testing.

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