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President of Pakistan Arif Alvi had a meeting with a Huawei delegation led by Li Xiangyu (SpaceLee), the company's vice president for the Middle East region, wherein the president urged the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT) to collaborate with Huawei in launching training programs for government employees.

By training over 1,000 officials, the digitalization of government organizations will be enhanced. This will result in improved efficiency of work and service delivery. According to the president, government employees should be trained in fields like artificial intelligence, cloud, big data, blockchain, neural networks, and communication technologies.

To achieve the Digital Pakistan initiative, Huawei experts will work alongside MoITT in conducting the training programs. Huawei Pakistan CEO Mark Meng also added that Huawei will collaborate with the public and private sectors in Pakistan to create an ICT ecosystem that would further drive the country’s digital transformation forward.

During the meeting, SpaceLee highlighted Huawei’s contribution to Pakistan’s economy in general as well as in fostering information and communication technology (ICT) talents within the country.

In detail, Huawei has provided 10,000 jobs and paid $120 million in taxes to the Pakistani government from 2018 to 2020. Besides that, the tech giant also spent $6 million in supporting disaster-relief efforts of the government. Moreover, Huawei had also supported ICT skill development in Pakistan by providing 10,000 certifications till 2020.

President Alvi expressed his appreciation for Huawei’s commitment to training advancements and ICT skill growth in the country. After the meeting, SpaceLee presented an award to the President for his efforts in the ongoing development of the ICT sector in Pakistan.

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