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Huawei is running the 5th edition of its flagship annual ICT Competition across ten countries in the Middle East. The competition aims to nurture and empower the future generation of local ICT talents to effectively contribute to the region’s national plans and visions.

The Huawei ICT Competition, held under the theme ‘Connectivity, Honor, Future’, will run from October to November and is larger part of Huawei’s commitment towards nurturing the next generation of ICT leaders across the region. This year’s competition will provide training and competition tracks in advanced technologies such as intelligent applications, cloud computing, and big data.

The competition will welcome thousands of undergraduate students from across ten countries in the Middle East, and will be held virtually in compliance with social distancing measures. Winners of the regional competitions will receive a certification, future learning opportunities, and a $20,000 cash prize, among other perks.

Li Xiangyu (SpaceLee), VP of Huawei Middle East, said, “Nurturing and empowering regional ICT talents has been a continuous commitment at Huawei, and we are proud to play a pivotal role in developing promising young minds and contribute in the wider economic growth of the Middle East. By investing in young talents, we are creating an open, collaborative ecosystem and preparing the future generation of leaders who will be responsible for the success of the digital transformation journey in the region. We look forward to many more initiatives taking place in the Middle East and building a fully connected, intelligent world.”

Last year, over 15,000 undergraduate students from across the region applied for the Middle East ICT Competition from 443 universities and colleges. The competition was supported by 20 ministries, various ambassadors, and academic chancellors from some of the Middle East’s top-ranking universities.

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