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With digital transformation in mind, Huawei has continuously supported partners and customers in 2021, establishing new breakthroughs in 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud, and many other areas. Guo Ping, Huawei rotating chairman, recently confirmed in a new year message that Huawei expects to round off the year with a total revenue of 634 billion yuan (approximately $99.48 billion).

In the message, he reiterates Huawei’s dedication to its customers, emphasizes the company's efforts in tackling 2021’s challenges, while celebrating a new year of promising opportunities in the technology field. Despite the turbulence of 2021, Huawei was able to survive and prosper, experiencing solid growth and expanding into new business domains in its carrier, enterprise, and device business groups.

Ping highlights in his new year message that Huawei's performance was directly proportionate with what they invested, "We worked more closely with our customers and partners, and our global operations are business as usual. Our transformation initiatives and strategic investments have progressed in good order, and our overall performance was in line with our forecasts.”

Nonetheless, Ping acknowledges an unpredictable business environment, the politicization of technology, and a growing deglobalization movement that all present serious challenges. “Against this backdrop, we need to stick to our strategy and respond rationally to external forces that are beyond our control,” notes the executive.

The executive reiterates the dedicated team effort of the company, expressing, “Every member of the Huawei team worked hard to fulfill our business commitments, ensuring supply continuity and secure network operations. On behalf of the company's Board of Directors…I [also] offer my sincere gratitude to our customers, partners, and consumers for their unwavering trust and support.”

Ping adds that the interchanging external environment is not a threat to the company’s values and aspirations, and explains how Huawei is exploring the future with a dedicated CSR agenda, and will spare no effort as science and technology probes are active working points. By explaining Huawei’s commitment to bring ICT technology to all industries, he continues to emphasize how the company is creating new value by helping industries go green, intelligently and creatively, and supporting them to go low carbon. Ping then explains rising trends and industry opportunities picked up in 2021 in the field of green energy, stating that low-carbon technologies have become new drivers for sustainable development, while the digital economy has become a major engine of global economic growth. This combination presents the ICT industry with incredible new opportunities.

Ping expresses that Huawei's outlook for 2022 will include a series of priorities and promising potentials. These will focus on cross-sector collaboration, increasing social value, customer and partner endorsements into multi-purpose ICT, increased competitiveness, and talent development.

From a collaboration standpoint, Huawei will continue working with global enterprises and carrier partners to boost a new digital industrial revolution, according to Ping. This will in part be done through ventures like the Huawei Digital Power business, where customers will benefit from integrating digital and power technologies to progress the clean digital energy transition. Similarly, HUAWEI Cloud will provide innovative cloud services that are stable and secure, and support operational scenarios for all industries via embedding ICT innovations.

Ping further highlights the opportunity of software development within Huawei, explaining, “We will build a software ecosystem centered on EulerOS for digital infrastructure and a device ecosystem centered on HarmonyOS. These two ecosystems will adhere to an open-source strategy, allowing all software developers to use them, contribute to them, and benefit from them, thus building a fully connected, intelligent world.”

The executive also comments on Huawei’s community-focused initiatives. The company has, for example, been helping local communities cultivate digital talent through initiatives like Seeds for the Future, ICT academies, and Women in Tech. Huawei is meanwhile facilitating green and sustainable development, and protecting the natural environment through intelligent and low-carbon technologies.

Huawei aims to grow its teams in key domains like algorithms, software, and computing power, and will be encouraging ambitious employees to dive straight into uncertain domains, says Ping. That will involve fully implementing operational autonomy by promoting organizational transformation within the company. Ping says this will be done by pushing top performers to expand beyond their expertise, go out to the field, and solve technical challenges in any industry.

Ping concludes the company’s new year message by noting how Huawei will continue to work with its customers and partners to bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world.

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