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Intracom Telecom announced the introduction of its new NFV platform enabling Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to deploy virtualized access services on-demand, minimizing time-to-market and upfront investments. The company demonstrated live one of the first such real-world applications enabling "virtualized WiFi access" at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

This fully ETSI NFV-compliant virtualized Wi-Fi solution, seamlessly integrates with and virtualizes both indoor and outdoor access points within a fully customizable cloud environment. At the click of a button each hosted operator can deploy virtual network functions (VNFs) from either a pre-configured, out-of-the-box library of VNFs or from any third-party VNF vendor.

Through NFV-enabled Wi-Fi access points, deployed across a Smart City, multiple CSPs can simultaneously utilize virtual slices as if each of them was the sole owner of the respective physical resources. By sharing the same infrastructure through this solution, CSPs benefit from cost savings, while leaving room for service innovation and differentiation.

Mr. Sotiris Bithas, marketing director for Intracom Telecom's Telco Software Solutions, commented: "Our company is committed to continuous technical excellence and innovation, and carries out advanced R&D in the Software Defined Networks & Network Function Virtualization (SDN & NFV) areas. As NFV migrates from labs to live implementations, CSPs all over the world are keen to deliver any new service they like at minimal time-to-market and cost. With Intracom Telecom's new NFV orchestration platform CSPs can now become enablers of the emerging Smart Societies."

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