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Huawei successfully launched a series of innovative solutions to GUIDE us to the intelligent world during the 2023 Mobile World Congress. Together with global industry customers, partners and opinion leaders, Huawei discussed how digital technologies will affect our future — from the development of the world economy, to global cultures, societies and the environment.

At the Huawei 5th Industry Digital Transformation Summit, the company released a new series of advanced solutions for simplified networks, with which DCs can build a solid network foundation. This will lead to the development of new DCs and the unleashing of digital innovation to meet the requirements and pain points, including: enterprise network management efficiency, connection experience, data center (DC) security and computing power.

In his opening speech, David Wang, Huawei's executive director of the board, chairman of the ICT Infrastructure Managing Board, and president of the Enterprise BG, said, “Huawei will deepen our roots in the enterprise market and continue our pursuit of innovation. We are ready to use leading technologies and dive deep into scenarios. Together with our partners, we will enable industry digitalization, help SMEs access intelligence and promote sustainable development, creating new value together.”

Bob Chen, vice president of Huawei Enterprise BG, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Digital Technology Leads the Way to the Intelligent World," which outlined how digital technologies have impacted the development of the world’s economy, cultures, societies and environment.

Chen stated that connectivity is crucial to digitalization, while networks are key to connectivity. He noted that Huawei is committed to helping enterprises build intelligent cloud networks with cloud-network synergy, simplified architecture and energy-saving features, thereby maximizing digital productivity and creating the ultimate experience.

During MWC, Huawei also released its new ICT Digital Intelligence Service and Software Solution.

Bruce Xun, vice president of Huawei Global Technical Service Dept, said, “ICT infrastructure has become the foundation of the intelligent world. Being Green, Efficient, Secure and Intelligent are key requirements in order to deliver the Ultimate Experience and support Open Innovation. We are now pleased to offer a portfolio that is intelligent, green and efficient, offering comprehensive digital services and the ultimate experience across the whole lifecycle of the network, including planning, construction, O&M, optimization and service operations.”

In parallel, Huawei held Product & Solution Launch 2023 at MWC, and Huawei Cloud released its new global offerings such as Landing Zone and Cloud on Cloud.

Jacqueline Shi, president of Huawei Cloud Global Marketing and Sales Service, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Unleash Digital with Everything as a Service."

"We hope to provide reliable, secure and sustainable services for our customers, partners and developers, with everything done on the cloud," said Ms. Shi.

Landing Zone is a sustainable, scalable multitenancy solution to automate B2B services for carriers. The solution offers layered cloud resource management, identity and permissions design, data boundaries, compliance audit and financial management.

To help carriers expand into the enterprise market, Huawei Cloud has released the Cloud on Cloud solution. Carriers now make the most of the services, technologies, ecosystems and sales resources of Huawei Cloud, together with their own industry-leading networks, to fuel digital transformation.

In the future, Huawei will continue to invest and innovate, working alongside global customers and partners to deeply integrate ICT, accelerate digital transformation, promote digital economy development and speed up the realization of the intelligent world within industries in order to create new value.

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