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Nokia has announced its groundbreaking solution for Android smartphone users, allowing them to now purchase and activate network slices on demand from their operator. This access will be available exclusively to Android 14 users. End consumers will be able to significantly improve their experience across various applications, including social networking, streaming, broadcasting and gaming. The technology enables operators to charge for premium network slices in specific locations based on consumer demand, one of the various ways they can monetize 5G slicing services.

The trial, conducted at Nokia's network-slicing development facility in Tampere, Finland, used Nokia's end-to-end slicing product range, including its IMPACT entitlement and policy control servers and UE Route Selection Policy (URSP) technology included in Android 14. The operator’s Business Support System (BSS), which activates the chosen dynamic network slice policy for the user using URSP, receives purchased service options from the standard-compliant IMPACT entitlement server and verifies the network slice service availability. The trial comprised dynamic radio resource allocation for various slices and slice interworking functionality between 4G and 5G.

These new capabilities improve the user experience by enabling network slices to be customized to support specific use cases and various applications based on network speed, quality, traffic routing, latency and security.

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