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In a groundbreaking move, global technology giants Huawei and Ericsson have sealed a long-term, comprehensive patent cross-licensing agreement. This accord encompasses patents deemed essential to a vast spectrum of standards, including 3GPP, ITU, IEEE and IETF standards for 3G, 4G and 5G cellular technologies. It extends across both companies' sales of network infrastructure and consumer devices, ushering in a new era of collaboration and innovation by granting each party global access to the other's patented, standardized technologies.

Alan Fan, Head of Huawei's Intellectual Property Department, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We are thrilled to formalize this long-term global cross-licensing agreement with Ericsson. Recognizing the substantial contributions each of our companies has made in the realm of standard essential patents (SEPs) for mobile communication, this agreement signifies our commitment to creating a robust patent environment where intellectual property is duly respected and safeguarded."

Over the past two decades, Huawei has emerged as a leading contributor to mainstream ICT standards, encompassing cellular, Wi-Fi and multimedia codecs. Notably, in 2022, Huawei ascended to the pinnacle of the European Patent Office's applicant ranking, with a staggering 4,505 patent applications to its name.

Fan underscored the significance of this agreement, remarking, "Our dedication to sharing cutting-edge technological innovations will propel the development of a healthy, sustainable industry, offering consumers more resilient products and services."

Crucially, Huawei, as both a holder and implementer of SEPs, has embraced a balanced approach to licensing. This newly inked agreement underscores the company's commitment to mutual technological advancement. Fan emphasized, "The culmination of intensive discussions ensures that the interests of both patent holders and implementers are equitably served."

This landmark collaboration between Huawei and Ericsson promises to reshape the technological landscape, foster greater innovation and benefit consumers worldwide.

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