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Cloudbrink is spearheading the transformation of enterprise networking in a landscape where the need for resilient, flexible networking solutions that can adapt to the “work-from-anywhere” ethos has become extremely critical.

In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review during NetEvents EMEA Media Spotlight event in London, Graham Melville, VP Marketing, Cloudbrink, elaborated on the company’s offering in the personal secure access service edge (pSASE) space.

What are Cloudbrink’s core service offerings for enterprise networks?

Unlike other company offerings, Cloudbrink has one core service offering including everything: it's like a personal SASE, incorporating zero trust security, high-performance zero trust access, Internet security and personal SD WAN. It’s also offered as a per-user, per-month billing model. It gives people access both within the office and outside the office, with the same security, and the same performance. Our solution boasts ultra-low latency access, a single policy for security and networking, centralized visibility and a complete zero-trust security stack. In a nutshell, that's our core offering.

In your opinion, how much of the discussion around AI in network security and overall network transformation is just hype, and how much is real adoption?

On the network transformation side, we use AI. We use it for feeding-in and learning about the behavior of individual parts of the network so that we can tune the traffic for the highest performance, given the network conditions.

There's a difference between AI and GenAI; we've been implementing AI/ML for quite some time. On the GenAI side, we use it to read through logs and surface potential issues. These issues are then routed to a human for verification. It shows them where to look, what adjustments might be needed for that particular customer, and so on.

Could you outline Cloudbrink’s growth strategies in the EMEA region?

In general, our growth strategies focus on targeting the types of users that need high-performance networking, such as those who are experiencing high rates of file transfers. For example, those utilizing metaverse capabilities and other developers, such as film studios, which upload and download large amounts of data.

This also includes operations that are conducted in real-time and are sensitive, such as call centers, where there's voice and video interactions that require near-zero lag between one end and the other, with the highest possible quality of connectivity.

We also focus on other types of operations for real-time applications, such as Virtual Desk Infrastructure (VDI) technology, for example Bloomberg terminals in finance.  We also target companies whose workers are working remotely. This is due to the fact that people are moving at unprecedented rates and data is moving quicky between the cloud and data centers, and so on.

Our primary target is the hybrid marketplace across EMEA as well as beyond to America. We tend to look for regional MSPs and we are always very interested in regional MSPs that are more, or equally, focused on the business side of their customers as well as the technological side (because those kinds of MSPs and partners are going to see the business issues that the customer sees and will be able to apply the solution). If the only thing they think about is security and they don't care about the performance of the customer, then that's probably not the type of partner that we're looking for.

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