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"Lebanon would cease to exist if it weren't for you and us. We are Lebanon!" said H.E. Minister, Gebran Bassil. For the third consecutive year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants organized the "Lebanese Diaspora Energy 2016" (LDE 2016), a unique event aiming to further strengthen the bonds between Lebanese residents and emigrants worldwide, while praising their successes in all fields.

On May 5th, 2016, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, under the High Patronage of H.E. Minister Gebran Bassil, in collaboration with TEDMOB, introduced Lebanon Connect; the first app connecting Lebanese globally. LebanonConnect App is an innovative online and mobile platform aiming to connect Lebanese and foster economic and business opportunities between Lebanese communities around the world. This project seeks to use digital technology in order to establish an effective international Lebanese lobby, while providing Lebanese professionals with the ability to promote their businesses, events and products.

Are you a Lebanese living abroad? Do you want to feel close to your country and feel connected to your fellow Lebanese?

LebanonConnect App showcases the successes of Lebanese expats and encourages them to stay connected, while celebrating the Lebanese heritage and promoting a positive image of Lebanon around the world. The App's aim is to allow Lebanese to maintain a close connection to their homeland. It also intends as a business-to-business tool connection that constitutes a tie of interest alongside its emotional aspect. Lebanese through the app now have the chance to share experiences, enhance relations, and explore new possibilities, by establishing business and/or social connections.

LebanonConnect App is highly anticipated by local and foreign entities, the App also seeks to revitalize diplomatic efforts to enhance Lebanon's economic diplomacy. LebanonConnect App allows for establishing a network of successful people of Lebanese origins worldwide, in order to spread and diversify their domains of action on the national and international levels. It also has a big hand in allowing a great capacity within the Lebanese diplomatic entities to market Lebanese products abroad, to promote the image of Lebanon, and to encourage investments, especially by Lebanese expats who are eminent in their adopted countries. Together, with LebanonConnect App we can restore the trust of the world in the economy and stability of our dear Lebanon.

All you have to do is download LebanonConnect App from the App store login with your Facebook Account or your email address in order to access all the features. The apps allows users to search for and chat with nearby Lebanese nationals in any country in the world, also has advanced Filter to refine your Search for Nearby Lebanese businesses. LebanonConnect App allows users to stay up to date with latest Lebanese news, and also featuring a list of Lebanese embassies including addresses and contact details

Stay Connected... With Lebanon Connect you will always feel closer to home!

About TEDMOB: TEDMOB in a nutshell is a Mobile Solutions & Apps development firm with offices in Lebanon & the region. They work collaboratively with Telecom Operators, Media Agencies, Enterprises and Startups to turn their ideas into Reality. TEDMOB services cover not only Native Mobile Apps Development, but also VAS Content Services, Mobile Solutions & Mobile products using latest Technologies: VR, IR, 3D/2D, etc... that can be customized upon the client's needs.

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