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The Europe India Gateway (EIG) submarine cable system has been upgraded to accelerate and strengthen connectivity between businesses in the UK, Europe, Middle East and India. The upgrade involved Ciena's submarine network system to utilise flexible, express wavelengths, known as optical bypass, to cut operational costs as well as space and power requirements, while improving reliability. 

The EIG cable system is a 15,000 km submarine line that links the UK with Gibraltar, Portugal, Monaco, France, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Oman, the UAE and India. The EIG transports significant quantities of data between consumers and businesses. The cable has been upgraded with Ciena's GeoMesh, powered by WaveLogic Ai coherent optics, which offers EIG new levels of flexibility, the lowest cost per transported bit, and the ability to meet unpredictable traffic demands.

The upgrade adds 24.3 Tbps of information carrying capacity to the EIG cable, with a spectral efficiency increase of 52 percent, in comparison with previous technology.  With WaveLogic Ai, EIG can transport up to 400 Gbps per wavelength.

Ian Clarke, Vice President of Global Submarine Sales, Ciena said:

“The nature of global business today demands instant and reliable access to partners, customers and employees anywhere and at any time. Across Europe, India and the Middle East, this connectivity is reliant on technology like the WaveLogic-powered GeoMesh submarine network solution that is scalable, flexible, and able to adapt to the intense requirements of a bandwidth-hungry environment.”

David Moore, Management Committee Chair, Europe India Gateway added:

 "Ciena continues to support upgrades to the EIG cable, one of the primary data connections between India and Europe, and the Middle East and Africa. The EIG transports significant quantities of data between consumers and businesses and we continue to evolve its capacity to support both present and future requirements."
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