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PCCW Global is pleased to announce that its industry-leading global Internet access service is available on-demand via the award-winning Console Connect digital platform.

Console Connect’s Software-Defined Interconnection® platform now offers high-performance Internet access across the same global tier 1 IP network relied upon by the world’s largest content and hyperscale cloud providers, ISPs and MNOs. 

Capable of carrying traffic at more than 14Tbps and with extensive global peering, PCCW Global’s AS3491 network is consistently ranked among the top 10 worldwide for both IPv4 and IPv6 by Dyn IP Transit Intelligence.

The  Internet  On-Demand  (IO-D)  service  is  now  available  to  Console  Connect  users  via their  existing  access  ports,  enabling  them to provision global Internet access whenever they need it.

The IO-D service can be accessed initially via hundreds of key data centers throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Other locations will be added and new service features rolled out in 2021.

By combining the new IO-D service and direct connections to all major cloud providers in all regional zones, businesses can experience greater network security and performance for their cloud environments and applications. 

The Console Connect platform is already available in more than 400 data centers across 47 countries, bringing together a growing ecosystem of integrated public cloud, SaaS, IoT, IX, carrier and enterprise partners such as DE-CIX, Cloudflare, Anexia, RingCentral, Google Cloud, AWS, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Oracle Cloud and more.

Users  can  self-provision,  manage  and monitor  their  interconnections  in  real-time  via  the secure Console Connect platform or API. 

Michael Glynn, vice president of digital automated innovation, PCCW Global, said, “Using the power of Software-Defined Interconnection®, Console Connect is reimagining how customers experience popular and trusted network services. With Console Connect Internet On-Demand, we have put businesses in the driving seat with high-performance global Internet connectivity, giving them control over one of the world’s largest, fastest and best-connected networks.”

The  high  quality  of  service  and  low  latency  of  the  underlying  PCCW  Global  IP  network means that the IO-D service is suitable for carrying performance-sensitive data, and can meet the demands of sectors such as gaming, government and finance.

Customers  can  protect  their  Console  Connect  IO-D  access  with  a  range  of  security services  from  PCCW  Global,  including  anti-DDoS,  managed  firewall  and  managed router.

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