Leading Kuwaiti mobile telecommunications company Zain Kuwait has chosen multinational tech company Huawei to enhance its storage system. The new generation of Huawei OceanStor Dorado V6 solution has been launched for mass storage at Zain headquarters to be the basis for the modern storage system.

Zain decided to enhance its storage system by relying on comprehensive and market-leading solutions provided by Huawei.

The company hopes the expansion and modernization operations will greatly improve the performance and efficiency of the storage system in “Zain Kuwait”, and reduce the costs of operation and to enable the company’s infrastructure to operate the fifth generation technologies that require high frequencies and low response time.

Radhi Boushahri, Director of Business Support Systems at Zain Kuwait, said that Huawei provides one of the best storage products and solutions and is an ideal partner in modernizing the storage system.

He added that the project was published during the period of the Corona outbreak, as the company faced many challenges in various fields, pointing out that thanks to the great technical expertise, technical capabilities and flexibility of Huawei, Zain was able to continue its work successfully without interruption.

For his part, CEO of Huawei’s Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence Business Group in the northern Gulf said, “We are pleased to cooperate with Zain Kuwait, one of the largest telecom service providers in the region, as a strategic partner to meet its storage needs.”

He added that the comprehensive enterprise storage systems, “Huawei Ocean Store Dorado 6”, are designed to provide basic services that require more accuracy.

He pointed out that the systems provide superior technical performance and can be relied upon to meet the increasing data storage requirements in large databases such as Zain Kuwait relying on.

He mentioned that the project was launched in February 2020, so that the data transmission process over the Internet was managed smoothly without interruption, while the new Huawei Ocean Store Dorado 6 solution provides better data transfer performance, by up to 28 percent with a constant response time. Over 1ms, which greatly improves system performance.

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