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The world’s largest Huawei Cloud data center’s phase 1 has already come into service. Located in Gui'an within the Guizhou province, it has an operational capacity of over 1 million servers, functioning as a major enabling facility for Huawei Cloud, Huawei BP&IT, and consumer cloud services.

Started being built in August 2017, the phase 1 construction area is approximately 480,000 square meters and is divided into three subareas. All 51 buildings in phase 1 have been completed, with nine being used as the data center facility and the rest as auxiliary facilities.

The Gui’an Huawei Cloud data center is one of the two main cloud data centers in China (with a total area of 101.4 hectares). It was designed with green and intelligent technologies, making it environment-friendly, smart, and reliable. Its power usage effectiveness (PUE) is only 1.12, which leads the industry.

Estimates indicate that during full-load operations, the data center can save 1.10 billion kWh of electric power and reduce 810,000 tons of carbon emissions each year, which is equivalent to planting 35,670,000 trees each year.

Currently, Huawei Cloud has deployed five major data centers in China. Specifically, Gui'an data center and Ulanqab data center are deployed in the south and north of China, respectively, with the others deployed in the Jingjinji Metropolitan Region, the Yangtze Delta, and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay area.

As a whole, Huawei Cloud has rolled out over 400 cloud services and solutions, attracted over 20,000 partners and over 1.8 million developers, launched over 4,500 applications in the marketplace, and obtained over 90 global security compliance certifications. It has also launched cloud data centers in Singapore, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, and Peru, working with partners to provide services in 45 availability zones across 23 regions worldwide.

Furthermore, Huawei Cloud has been chosen by over 600 e-Government clouds and 80% of the top 50 Internet enterprises in its home base. In addition, it is utilized by over 30 national ministries and commissions, more than 220 financial customers, over 300 SAP cloud customers, and over 30 top automobile manufacturers.

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