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Dubai Internet City, the region’s largest hub for technology companies and talent, has announced a deal with Khazna Data Centers, one of the largest wholesale data center providers in MENA, to establish two state-of-the-art data centers.

The government’s ambition of transforming the UAE into a smart country necessitates the deployment of secure cloud infrastructure and data storage across all industries, from government and residential services to healthcare and manufacturing. Combined with many businesses adopting hybrid work models on the heels of the global pandemic, the volume of digital data has increased significantly in recent years. 

Wholesale storage providers such as Khazna will play a critical role in catering to the recording, movement, and security of increasingly large amounts of information. As digital adoption sweeps through the greater MENA region, the opening of data privacy and storage centers can enhance business activity.

Ammar Al Malik, managing director of Dubai Internet City said, “The UAE has been named among the top ten most competitive economies in the world for a second consecutive year, according to the IMD World Competitiveness Ranking 2021, and I believe that building data centers and enhancing the overall technological infrastructure play a key role in providing an investment-friendly environment.”

“Dubai Internet City has been a cornerstone of the UAE’s ICT strategy for more than two decades, and this agreement marks the next chapter in our commitment to supporting widespread digital transformation to increase our economic competitiveness globally well into the future,” added Al Malik.

The two new data centers will be strategically located in Dubai and will feature the unique design of Khazna’s data center pods that allow for the rapid scaling of operations when required. Businesses involved in 5G, smart city projects, and cloud computing can also leverage Khazna’s technology.

Hassan Al Naqbi, CEO of Khazna Data Centres, said, “The partnership between Khazna and Dubai Internet City will further support the UAE’s digital ecosystem, with technology businesses such as cloud computing operators able to achieve the level of connectivity they need to more effectively deliver services to partners, customers, and employees.”

“Our aim is to continue partnering alongside industry leaders and decision-makers, offering a dedicated data center space that supports long-term growth strategies for businesses across various industries. From organizations and government entities to hyperscalers, we help our customers meet the demands found in today’s competitive and transforming environment through our unique product portfolio and turnkey solutions, supreme energy efficiency, and flexible pricing,” explained Al Naqbi.

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