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Tampnet has collaborated with Deutsche Telekom and Inmarsat in boosting the capacity of their award-winning European Aviation Network (EAN) inflight broadband solution.

Elie Hanna, CEO of Tampnet said, “Our extensive offshore network was the perfect fit for the EAN project. Installing and maintaining an LTE network offshore is very challenging and we were honored to have the opportunity to extend our expertise and engage in such an innovative and significant project for Europe and the aviation industry.”

In total, the cooperation entails eight further antenna sites that complement the already 300-strong LTE-based ground network component — five sites will be on production platforms in the North Sea, benefiting from Tampnet’s extensive fiber network in the area; two are being placed in offshore wind farms within Germany’s and the Netherlands’ coastal waters (exclusive economic zones); and one more is already operational onshore in Norway.

“The fact that the network is fully supported by our subsea network ensures its scalability for future capacity needs,” Hanna added.

The new sites are located strategically to further enhance EAN’s high-speed passenger connectivity on flights in Northern Europe, including high-density flight routes between the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway.

The European Aviation Network is well established as the continent’s fastest inflight broadband solution and the world’s first inflight broadband solution that combines dedicated satellite coverage with a complementary LTE-based ground network.

To date, more than 55 million passengers have enjoyed access to the advanced, high-speed connectivity solution on over 440,000 flights across the continent.

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