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NEC Corporation has been contracted by Seren Juno Network, a company established by NTT Group, Mitsui and JA Mitsui Leasing (JAML) to build the JUNO trans-Pacific subsea fiber-optic cable that will provide the largest data capacity — maximum 350 Tbps — between the US and Japan.

Spanning a total distance of approximately 10,000 km, and expected to be completed by the end of 2024, JUNO connects California in the US with Chiba prefecture and Mie prefecture in Japan. By using NEC’s newly developed energy-efficient repeaters and the leading-edge space division multiplexing (SDM) technology, this subsea system will be able to adapt as many as 20 fiber pairs for the first time in a trans-Pacific subsea fiber-optic cable.

Moreover, the WSS wavelength selective switch (WSS) function will enable the system to remotely alter the bandwidth of each route, allowing it to respond flexibly to customer business needs and changes in communications traffic demand.

Japan plays an important role as a data hub in the Asia-Pacific region. This cable will promote the development of digital economies by supporting the strong demand for communications, including the spread of 5G throughout Asia and North America. In addition, by providing communication routes from two separate locations in Japan to the US, the system will be highly resilient to natural disasters in the coastal areas of Japan.

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