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The launch of Oman-IX, a neutral internet exchange, aims to revolutionize the digital infrastructure services in the region and connect leading telecom industry networks providers, hyperscalers, data centers, and cloud services across the Middle East and beyond.

Powered by AMS-IX, the Oman-IX has been deployed at Equinix's neutral carrier data center in Muscat, marking a significant milestone in Oman's digital transformation.

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Strengthening Oman's Digital Landscape

Pioneering new horizons for Oman in the field of digital data, the Oman-IX will enable efficient internet traffic exchange from local and global networks and enhance digital innovation across sectors, leading to an enriched customer experience.

Through streamlined data exchange mechanisms, Oman-IX will enable businesses, government entities, and other stakeholders to access and share information more seamlessly and securely. This improved connectivity not only fosters collaboration and knowledge-sharing but also paves the way for the development of innovative digital solutions and services tailored to the needs of Omani citizens and businesses.

Furthermore, Oman-IX will serve as a vital hub for digital services, internet and data exchange, which will strengthen Oman's digital landscape and accelerate the Sultanate's interconnectivity with global networks through public peering.

Through public peering via the Oman-IX, local ISPs and content providers will be able to exchange traffic directly within Oman's borders. By reducing the reliance on international transit routes, this direct exchange of traffic can lead to lower latency, faster data transfer speeds, and improved network performance for users accessing local content and services. Additionally, by bypassing potential congestion points and single points of failure, public peering can enhance the overall reliability and resilience of Oman's internet infrastructure.

Moreover, by exchanging traffic directly at the IXP, participants can reduce their reliance on expensive international transit services, which are typically priced based on the volume of data transferred across international borders.

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