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Amid GITEX 2021, Telecom Review conducted an exclusive interview with Luis Del Valle Alemán, chief revenue officer at Atrebo. We attained extensive insight into the latest releases of the company, significant collaborations during 2021, and prospects to keep an eye out for.

Regarding the release of ‘TREE 5.0’, we know that it comes with a full revamp, along with new user interface, new user experience, and a set of functionalities. Could you elaborate on each aspect?

Our “Telco” and “Towerco” Infrastructure asset management platform was created in 2012, and it has been evolving and getting more and more specialized in this niche market since then. This new version, TREE 5 or Olivo (Olive TREE) will bring a big leap forward, especially thanks to the full revamp, new user interface, and new user experience. In terms of new functionalities, the inventory has been fully redesigned, making it even easier to define the different categories and attributes of each asset. We have added as well a graphical interface that shows how the elements are connected and its available capacity to ease planning and upgrades, presenting the elements in different layers like energy, Clima, Rack and Cabinet Space; this version will be released by the end of 2021.

What do you expect from GITEX this year and how can this influence your company?

We wanted to take the pulse of the innovation and the challenges operators and Towercos are facing in the region. We have found many similarities with other regions, but somehow, they are more advanced and demanding than in other geographies. Most of the players are in the forefront of the industry, looking and, in some cases, already exploring with new technologies to help them automate and run their internal processes in a more efficient way. We share this foresight and look forward to collaborating in defining the future of infrastructure management.

How was Atrebo’s growth development affected in the post Covid period?

Covid has brought terrible things to all of us, but it has also forced companies to accelerate the digitalization of their processes, and this is the strongest capability and value of our platform. Somehow, Covid has put more pressure on us on this sense and made us speed up our roadmap delivery, in response to the growing demand for more process-automation to support the whole lifecycle of towers and fibre deployments.

Nearing the end of 2021, which companies have you been in collaboration with? What is the importance of having these collaborations?

This year, we founded the tower automation alliance, with top notch companies defining the future of telco infrastructure management with new technologies, in the fields of drones for autonomous inspection, IoT to monitor the assets, blockchain for traceability, renewables for off grid, smart locks for access control, smart metering for energy, and many more. Now all these new technologies are fully integrated in our platform and are part of transversal workflows across different departments. This way, we are creating together new efficient use cases that maximize the ROI in these new technologies.

What should we look forward to seeing in the years to come with Atrebo, particularly for the MENA region?

MENA is a strategic market for us for two main reasons: It is one of the more advanced and dynamic markets in the world with some of the leading Telcos and Towercos regarding innovation, and we are very keen to be part of their partner’s ecosystem and grow with them. Dubai, in particular, is the most convenient place for us to settle an operational hub and run the operations in Asia-Pacific.

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