Delivering a keynote speech during the opening ceremony of Huawei’s largest Global Cyber Security and Privacy Protection Transparency Center in Dongguan, China, H.E. Dr. Mohamed Hamad Al Kuwaiti, Head of Cyber Security, congratulated Huawei on the opening of the center.

“I believe it will be the bastion of strength for the digital foundation that Huawei has patiently built over the years to reinforce the trustworthiness of your brand against any kind of threat landscape, protecting the critical information assets of your clients and safeguarding our personal data," he said.  

“In fact, we would like to learn more about Huawei’s Transparency Centre. Having just came off from our inaugural Global Cybersecurity Congress at GISEC that was a runaway success, in no small part thanks to Huawei for responding to my call for action at once when I issued a call for a Public-Private Partnership to drive collaboration to build our cybersecurity ecosystem.”

He further said, “Together with Huawei, we built a platform for driving conversations and building though leadership in GISEC. And next in our strategy that will be the establishment of our own Transparency Centre that will continue the conversation from GISEC and attract technologies from all over the world that will obtain their global credentials and the first market beachhead in the UAE, evaluated and tested in a neutral and independent setting that will align with our goal of being a global trusted hub. There could be opportunities whereby we can work together in achieving our trusted hub, resilient oasis vision that will support innovation and big tech adoption from the UAE to the rest of the world.” 

During his speech he stressed the need for public, private and government partnership and cooperation to establish a globally trusted digital oasis in the UAE.

“There is a reason why cyber criminals are always one step ahead of us. This is because they always share information and collaborate. Besides collaboration, they are extremely well positioned with regard to situation awareness. They have a very good idea who and which groups are focusing their "research" on and the capabilities of each groups. It is almost impossible to eradicate them all. This is because they are physically and virtually located anywhere as the cyberspace is without borders,” he said. 

“Hence there is a need to promote a public-private partnership for cyber collaboration for a resilient and vibrant digital future, a future that knows no boundaries, for our children and children of our children.”

“So let us usher in the new digital era and digital guardian of cyberpeace. On that note, we can liberate our next generation to prospect for the new digital oil, whatever that may be. Let's be part of the new Golden Age,” he concluded.

Key points about the Global Cyber Security and Privacy Protection Transparency Center in Dongguan

  • The Center has three functions: demonstration and experience, communication and innovation, and security verification. The Center provides customers with a platform for security testing and verification, a testing environment for Huawei software and hardware, technical documents, testing tools, and necessary technical support.
  • Since opening HCSEC in the UK in 2010, Huawei has built seven similar centers around the world. Stakeholders, including customers, regulatory authorities, standards organizations, partners, and suppliers, have made full use of this platform to carry out in-depth exchanges, communication and cooperation to jointly improve the security capabilities of the entire industry. A total of about 700 batches of customer exchanges have been completed. Customers have praised Huawei for its openness in cyber security.
  • The opening of the Center, which has broader coverage and stronger capabilities, is an indication of Huawei's willingness to provide governments, customers, and partners around the world with stronger commitments in cyber security and better support for cooperation.

This is the first time that Huawei has shared its many years of R&D practices in cyber security with the industry. Huawei continues to invest in cyber security and build on its strengths.

  • Long-term and continuous investment: As early as 2000, Huawei was already working on cyber security. Now there are more than 3,000 cybersecurity R&D personnel in Huawei. The R&D expenses on cyber security and privacy protection account for about 5% of the company's total R&D investment.
  • Sound track record: Over the past 30 years, Huawei has served more than 3 billion people around the world, supporting the stable operations of over 1,500 carrier networks in more than 170 countries and regions.
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