stc has announced that it is making its broadband internet services available through fiber optics across all landline networks in Saudi Arabia, with the aim of enhancing the efficient use of the fiber optics infrastructure in Saudi Arabia. This comes after it had signed a landline broadband agreement with all providers of landline broadband internet infrastructure in February, under the auspices of HE Minister of Communications and Information Technology Abdullah Al-Swaha and based on an initiative by the CITC.

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In light of their ongoing strategic partnership, Telecom Egypt and Etisalat Misr signed two first of their kind agreements relating to transmission and mobile-to-fixed interconnection. The first agreement entails a development of Telecom Egypt's transmission and infrastructure services’ commercial model with Etisalat Misr, where Etisalat Misr for the first time signs a long-term agreement including an annual commitment for Telecom Egypt’s infrastructure and transmission services.

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stc has launched four digital initiatives to assist the Kingdom’s healthcare providers in preventing the spread of COVID-19. The initiatives effectively contribute in facilitating the work of medical staff in hospitals and health facilities and ensuring the continuity of work remotely. These efforts come in line with the precautionary measures taken to reduce the spread of the virus to protect the lives of the Kingdom’s citizens and residents.

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