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MYCOM OSI has implemented support for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), as the foundational service for its experience assurance and analytics (EAA) suite of service assurance applications. With this enhancement, MYCOM OSI can improve the efficiency and flexibility of its EAA cloud service SaaS platform and bring-your-own-cloud (BYOC) option.

“MYCOM OSI is delighted to enhance its Service Assurance offering through the support of Amazon EKS,” said Mounir Ladki, CTO at MYCOM OSI. “Amazon EKS is in high demand by the CSPs, as it offers a broad capability set. After building application support for EKS, MYCOM OSI can provide an environment for co-innovation with its customers and support them in their strategic objectives for automation and delivery of digital services on 5G.”

CSPs require support for choice of multiple SaaS platform vendors and the flexibility to select different compute options. They require support in improving cost-efficiencies while maintaining existing investments and skillsets with multiple platform vendors.

In this regard, Amazon EKS foundational service for service assurance applications offers several benefits to CSPs. It provides higher platform vendor flexibility for BYOC customers. By enabling Amazon EKS support for SaaS tenants, it unlocks efficiencies by supporting a broader array of Amazon EC2 instance types by using software from a vast open-source ecosystem.

Overall, Amazon EKS serves as a key building block of the MYCOM OSI EAA SaaS platform, providing a production-grade managed Kubernetes service that reduces the operational overhead of running Kubernetes.

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