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The Covid-19 crisis and its influence on the network’s performance and maintenance opened up, yet again, the door to highlighting the importance of digital transformation with end-to-end solutions, remote maintenance, updates in a very secure manner, and more options to keep networking at a high level delivery and to optimize its capacity.

The goal of digital transformation is to cater to the demands of the users and to look into how to enhance their experience by offering more and better services.

Networks should shift to digital transformation which has been successfully tested. It needs to become more resilient and dynamic to support the speed of business and satisfy customers’ demands.

The push from businesses to be more responsive requires high performance from the network and systems, but the challenge remains in ensuring security from A to Z.

The changes needed to increase network performance should not be made at the expense of security. If there are any issues, an inspection should be performed.

Threats could come from trusted sources; this is why end-to-end digital transformation should take security into consideration when optimizing networking, and should uphold its maintenance and capacity.

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