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For the past 3 years, the US has been focusing on China’s trade balance sheet, but more focus was put on high-tech companies, mainly in terms of 5G deployments. The US expressed 5G security concerns when it comes to Chinese vendors even though no single US operator had deployed Huawei’s equipment in 3G or 4G.

Now, while Huawei keeps going forward at the level of a global business, the US started another war on TikTok, one of most popular video platforms, which has pushed TikTok to file cases against the US.

The war continues as the US plans to ban WeChat, another very popular platform in Asia that is also gaining popularity in USA and others western markets.

What’s behind all of this? Is it security? Clearly it’s just a war on who owns the technology, and therefore who rules the world. The US is looking to acquire TikTok, and is currently looking into which US high-tech company will go for it.

The US is also looking now to acquire WeChat because they are aiming to rule the world through the American high-tech giants which invaded all markets and are breaching consumers’ data privacy.

Leading in technology means ruling the world, for it will allow access to more data, and therefore have influence on countries and people.

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