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As a new year begins, I would like to wish our readers, customers, and partners a safe 2021, on behalf of Telecom Review Middle East/Europe, Telecom Review Asia Pacific, Telecom Review Africa, Telecom Review North America and our new brand Telecom Review Arabia (previously known as Teknotel), with hopes that business will resume as soon as possible wherever you are operating.

Our new brand TELECOM REVIEW ARABIA (www.telecomreviewarabia.com) is in fact the first brand we launched over 16 years ago under a different name. It was the first ICT magazine and website targeting the Arab readers in the MENA region.

Telecom review Arabia will be a unique media conveying updates in Arabic at the age of internet when the English language is reigning.

The launching of Telecom Review Arabia is not a mere rebranding of Teknotel, it’s a commitment from Trace Media to the Arabic language in the time of globalization.

The launching coincides with the World Arabic Language Day celebrated on December 18th, which reflects our commitment towards over 300 million Arabic readers to bring them telecom and ICT news in their mother tongue.

When we first launched our Arabic edition, hundreds of universities in the Arab Word subscribed to it to provide to the new generation ICT content in Arabic.

We will continue this journey with a full-fledged media platform in Arabic with a strong presence on social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

To our Arabic readers we say: we are here again together.

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