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As we partner with leading vendors of 5G technologies such as Nokia, Huawei, and ZTE, and with leading telecom operators around the world, we are seeing clearly that 5G is not gaining ground only because of the low latency it provides, but also because of its important benefits such as huge network capacity allowing for more developments of 5G fixed networks - which we at Telecom Review have experienced during our hybrid Summit last November - or more 5G deployments for mobile services.

5G is not only faster than 4G. Let's focus on the support 5G networks can bring and what they can deliver in the fixed or mobile services.

5G can support a lot of advanced services such as security (video surveillance), smart services (in the health sector for example),multi-media, video on demand services, gaming, virtual reality (VR), and automated applications (robotics, autonomous vehicles) and it is also very important to the cloud services and real time response and connectivity.

The 5G network will transform business models as we know them and open new revenue streams for both enterprise services and consumers. It will create opportunities for telecom operators which hadn’t been available ever since OTTs started cutting down the operators’ revenues and income.

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