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Smart technologies are taking over day after day, gradually replacing what was known as hi-tech devices which are on the verge of disappearing.

Smartphones wiped off the role of many tech giants including camera manufacturers, video players and content storage tools.

The sales of watches, alarm clock, photographic films, copy machines, among others, are decreasing sharply.

Latest statistics show that over 34 brands were on the brink of disappearing, going bankrupt, restructuring, or selling some assets or patents.

Kodak or Eastman Kodak, a brand we all remember, has gone incognito. Blockbusters was our movie night companion, which offered us a wide variety of films to rent. Polaroid, Minolta, and many other brands were dominating our daily life. Now they are from the past even if they still exist.

Smartphones are now our camera, with enhanced features upgraded with every generation. They have also replaced traditional alarms and hotel wake-up calls.

Calendars, notebooks, paper maps, and GPS have all been replaced and the list goes on.  

Some of us are lucky for having witnessed this transition and tried both the traditional technology and its upgraded version.

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