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While going through Ericsson’s recent report on aviation, it came to my attention how it describes the airport as a hub where you have massive connections in one place - airline networks, staff and hundred thousands of passengers, all connected at once in one place to one network.

Airlines have a duty to ensure that their networks are operating safely away from cyberattacks which can cost them billions of losses and damage their reputation.

The digital challenges in aviation add more responsibilities on vendors who will supply connectivity services to airports, airlines and passengers.

Think of an airport as a huge and complex ecosystem formed by multiple stakeholders, each one responsible for executing various processes across air transport – both passenger and cargo. Now, imagine that all of them – airport authorities, airlines, ground handlers, retailers, caterers, maintenance, government bodies communicate perfectly and operate seamlessly to offer the best and safest experience to billions of people every year.

Many bad experiences happened in the past where networks crashed and security breaches took place which cost billions in losses to airline companies such as Delta airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, among others.

Telecom Review (www.telecomreview.com) will publish a full report on the importance of connectivity in aviation. Stay tuned!

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