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4G deployment is moving along faster than expected, and is partnering well with our new mobile lifestyle. Customers are enjoying this technology, which makes mobile connections simply amazing despite the increase in data consumption which could have possibly slowed it down.

Telecom operators are already working with technology vendors to ensure the best delivery while data traffic increases on their networks: from fiber network backbone to the capacity of data connectivity, etc.


No more stress

The fact is that every summer when I spend time at my mountain house in Lebanon, it is a house nestled between mountains with no real internet data (we celebrate when we were connected to the edge 2.5G). But not this summer.

I tried to connect my laptop to my local mobile hotspot in order to begin work after many lazy days spent enjoying the cold summer breeze and tasty fruits… Over 500MB to download in my Outlook was completed before I could even finish my coffee. Curious to check out the speed of 3G we have in full, and yes, it was 73MBPS. I continued enjoying this speed without stress for the duration of my stay.

3G has been good, and 4G has been commercial in many countries this year; its great performance has given the push for 5G planning and testing, which we will start to experience in two years’ time. By 2018, the ITU will finalize its standardization and frequency allocation.

It seems that preparations are going well and everything will be ready from the technology side. Regulators and operators are very excited to deploy 5G ASAP, as data forecasts have been surpassed and are well-beyond expectations even without real deployment of IOTx and the smart city living experience.


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