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When you live in a world full of technology and surrounded by an intelligent environment, your life changes.

Daily, we use smart mobiles and devices, smart apparel, smart cars, chips are in everything, IOT’x and solutions, smart medical chips, smart sensors and connected CCTV or simple wireless cameras surround us.

Our lives are based on technology, which means our societies are advancing at an unprecedented pace. Human desire for progression and convenience has driven the evolution of incredible artificial intelligence, no longer just a figment of science fiction. With the advancement of the internet of things, increasingly more devices are connected to us in this new era of technological expansion.

Some armies now count on technology more than ever before, such as drones, able to be remote controlled to deliver items or conduct deadly attacks. Even personalized robots are becoming a reality. Society today is no longer reliant upon paper and print to record and store information, as cloud storage has become the new norm, able to record transactions and obtain tons of personal and professional data.

Hollywood sci-fi films have become real, and there are futuristic worlds where robots have reached a high level of intelligence (artificial) and they have become an integral (and in some cases dangerous) part of society. For decades, the idea of intelligent robots was considered to be wishful, idealistic thinking. But major technical advancements in 2015 have proven that present artificial intelligence is well on its way to reaching sci-fi status.

Our world is definitely getting smarter and life is already changing hastily with all these technological advancements. Doesn’t it all make us wonder where will we reach next in the coming few years?.

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