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In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Shunli Wang, VP, public affairs & communication department, Huawei Tech Middle East, talks about his company’s latest products and solutions for the Middle East region as well as its participation in the LEAP2022 technology and innovation conference, in Riyadh.

How does Huawei plan to strengthen its government relations and CSR within the Kingdom for ecosystem expansion?

We are excited to join LEAP 2022 in Saudi. If you look at the digitalization roadmap from the Saudi government side, it already shows us their procedure and the initiatives for the future. Huawei products and solutions have helped our customers and partners, including the developers to enable the whole society in terms of digital transformation. Huawei is already an active contributor as our solutions and products are already widely deployed in many sectors such as government sectors, telecom operators, and even small and large stakeholder enterprises, which are good examples of Huawei’s presence in Saudi. Meanwhile, we think the Saudi government also provides a very favorable business environment which is a key factor to Huawei’s success in Saudi for the past 22 years. As you might know, Huawei is going to launch its biggest flagship store overseas in Saudi. In addition, we are also going to build the Huawei cloud region in Saudi, which is also a good way to show Huawei’s ability and the latest solutions to the whole Middle East region. Moreover, as part of Huawei’s corporate social responsibility in Saudi, a MoU with the Saudi digital academy (SDA) has been signed for talent cultivation.

What’s the importance of Huawei’s participation in LEAP 2022 and what are you showcasing here?

First of all, LEAP 2022 coincides with the first day of Chinese New Year and we are excited to show our latest technology and products such as 5G, digital power, Huawei Cloud, and also other applications to the whole Middle East. We are also collaborating with our strategic partners and our customers and selected carriers for 5G industry innovation projects with various industries, which they are showcasing in the carrier's booth. This time we also bring the green network and the green products that are in line with the Saudi government’s carbon emission reduction initiatives. Compared with the traditional products and solutions, our new solutions and products can save 30% in terms of carbon emission.

What can we expect from Huawei’s presence in the Middle East in 2022?

First of all, we are continuously bringing our new products and solutions to serve our customers in the whole Middle East region. Our green network and green products save up to 30% of power consumption compared with traditional products, promoting successful sustainability.

We are going to build a cloud region in Saudi. This is also one of the milestones for Huawei’s cloud service development in this region.

We are also going to build on talent. We are going to achieve another 100,000 youth talents in the coming five years as it is fundamental for the digital transformation efforts. Huawei is dedicated to developing youth talents and it is one of our strategic plans for the future.

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