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During Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022, Luis del Valle Alemán, chief revenue officer, Atrebo spoke with Telecom Review about the company’s resilience despite the pandemic in terms of providing services to their customers as well as the importance of integrating new technologies and the role Atrebo plays in this process.

What have been the challenges and accomplishments of Atrebo in 2021?

Last year, we’ve been trying to get even closer to our clients, especially with the impact of pandemic. It has been a big challenge but we helped them in various ways: making the operations of the towers more efficient, more cost-effective, and more reliable; responding to the growing demand that has appeared unexpectedly, particularly with 5G deployment; and looking into the future and new technologies.

What is the significant role that Atrebo plays in the digitization of operations on telco infrastructures?

One of the pros of our TREE platform is process management; it’s about how we can make them run the operational processes more efficiently. The way they collect data and the way we integrate the data from  different repositories are also key. We collate all information coming from different departments and databases and create a single source of truth in our platform. This is the only way to make good decisions and make the processes grant in a proper way. Overall, Atrebo helps in the digitization through all the processes and good qualifications of the data sent from our TREE platform.

What is the pursuit of Atrebo in the integration of new technologies?

We found that there are new technologies that are providing added value in the niche market of tower operations. And it is the challenge for our clients to run trials and understand how they can really have good impact on the platform.

With this growing demand in the interest of our clients in validating and testing new solutions with new technologies, Atrebo play a key role in facilitating and integrating these new technologies as part of their business processes. This will maximize return of investments (ROI) on new technologies because they can not only be applied to specific departments but we help them define and work out the implementation of these new technologies, allowing enhanced business processes across companies.

In line with MWC 2022, what are the main achievements that Atrebo has made thus far in the field of Internet of Things?

We have integrated LoRaWAN technology in our TREE platform to support massive IoT deployment. Because of this, in our platform, we will not only able to support tower operations but clients can also define new use cases they want to massively implement LoRaWAN-based technologies.

These include integrity on the site that can be closely monitored, like handling the access control. Energy metering is also one example and how decisions are being made with regards to energy capacity. Having said that, we can also measure how suitable a site can be for renewable energy.

Lastly is for tower structure calculation. This is not only interesting for specific departments or use cases, but it can also be used for the procurement of the offerings of the client up to the selling process.

In the end, Atrebo focuses on how to maximize the return of investments (ROI) of new technologies like IoT and how can they be integrated into the overall processes in the company.

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