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In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Maxim Nartov, chief business officer, Nexign, spoke about the ways that CSPs will use to reshape and innovate further for a better future for telecom operators. He also tackled the role of Nexign in MWC 2022 and how can telcos run sustainable networks that can keep up with user demands.

To reap the benefits of Nexign's wide range of products and solutions, in what ways can CSPs reshape and innovate further?

At Nexign we are working together with our partners and customers to reshape and innovate our solutions that needs to be developed to fit into the digital ecosystem and the new generation of products using 5G. We understand that the transformation of CSPs today is making huge progress and they need to consider themselves not as CSPs anymore, but ecosystem builders or digital providers.

We are introducing a couple of new products to extend our portfolio in order to help them succeed in this direction, help them to innovate faster, as well as be able to stay up to the market speed.

The second thing we are presenting are solutions that will help them to transform or evolve their employee experience as we understand that people are a key asset for any company.

How do you envision a better future for telecom operators around the globe?

As telecom operators are moving to a more service-oriented ecosystem and shifting towards being digital companies standing in front of digital giants already existing, I believe both sides will merge and find each other in the middle as they will both be more connected and similar. That's why we focus on supporting our CSP customers to build their ecosystems and be able to move faster and create new products and new ideas.

What is Nexign's role in line with MWC 2022's general theme 'Connectivity Unleashed'?

Connectivity itself is not enough. The question is how we use this connectivity to make something tangible for final users and the people who use the services. From our perspective, on the one hand, we believe we need to open up the network in order to be able to build products that allow us to expose the network capabilities to the end users or final partners who can manage how would connectivity should be for particular product or model. On the other hand, we build micro services layer on top of not only BSS systems but other IT assets as well which will allow to build complex products in the ecosystem via digital partners to make sure that CSP provides not only wireless connections but also a useful and tangible consumer service.

In your perspective, how can telcos run sustainable networks that can keep up with user demands?

The key aspect of being sustainable is being able to generate proper revenues that will work properly with the expenses required to build an exposed network. Our focus is to help CSPs better manage their revenue streams. So, the role of Nexign is to help our customers properly build and rate the product that will be accepted by their consumers, in order to ensure they don’t lose money or overcharge them while providing a consistent experience, and then to be able to generate and collect this revenue. That's why we support a sustainable network and as the world is now recovering from the pandemic, businesses will become more sustainable and grow further.

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