During the 16th Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit, Hatem Hariri, senior vice president, MENA, CIS, Turkey and India, TIMWETECH, shared his views on digital platforms and their role in the region. Notably, the company was recognized for the global excellence category, winning the “Best Global Loyalty & Rewards Program” award at the 2022 Telecom Review Excellence Awards ceremony.

What is the importance of developing digital platforms, and how does TIMWETECH play a huge role in this?

We can see that the shift is going from telco to techco — going from physical to phygital. A digital transformation platform is very important in the future of telecom operations because this is where they are going. Voice and data monetization is going obsolete, which is why most of the telcos are looking at where they can bring more value to their organization. Digital platforms are the way to go.

As TIMWETECH, what we do is work with these telecom operators across the region and the world to offer this kind of digital platform that takes them to the next level of digitization in their environment as well as for their customer experience.

Can you share some of the case studies you have in the MENA region?

In the MENA region, we work with all existing telecom operators. We are a global company with headquarters in Portugal, but here in the region, we are based in Dubai. We have offices across, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Tunisia, Morocco, Ethiopia and Angola, and we serve customers in most of the Middle East and Africa countries where we offer solutions for loyalty, gamification, airtime credits, master aggregation, content and settlement, among others.  

All of these type of solutions that can help the operators bring more customers, more ARPU, more revenue and, most importantly, more customer satisfaction and usage. You can see us across every single telecom operator in the region as we work together in partnership to offer these solutions.

You have been nominated in the 2022 Telecom Review Excellence Awards. What does this recognition mean for TIMWETECH?

This is an amazing recognition. We would like to thank the committee, Telecom Review and Trace Media, as well as all the judges who worked with us in order to get this award. We feel very proud that we are part of this category and that we received this award from such a prestigious organization. This is a testimony that we have the right solution for our customers, and we are looking forward to serve them more and more and win more of these awards.

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