Nokia is showcasing a range of advanced technology solutions, including mission-critical technologies, Smart City, 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), private LTE, Artificial Intelligence (AI), advanced analytics and asset optimization for Industry 4.0 at GITEX Tech Week 2019 in Dubai till October 10. These advanced technology solutions are geared to help the industries embrace digital transformation to become more agile, secure, operationally efficient, cost-efficient and productive, and place them in a position to take advantage of the vast opportunities of the fourth Industrial Revolution. The demonstrations include solutions for several key enterprise verticals, including, mining, airports, shipping, education, energy, power, utilities, logistics and public sector.

Below are the details of the demos conducted for various industry verticals by Nokia at GITEX 2019:

Mining and Airports: Nokia showcases the capability of private LTE for mining and airports sector. The demonstrations show how private LTE can be used to enhance operational efficiency and safety in mines and to improve plane turnaround speed at airports.

Shipping: The `container demo’ uses miniature containers to follow parcels throughout their journey on a boat. The containers are equipped with a standalone LTE network with user equipment and sensors, which capture the required data and send it when a connection is established. The shipping company can use this data for enhancing operational efficiency and control and makes it easier for it to confirm the states of goods.

Education: Nokia showcases the use of immersive experience and automation to provide virtual training. This helps in addressing the typical problems, like limited attention span, high cost of the training environment and questionable scoring system, associated with legacy training approach.

Logistics: In the field of logistics, Nokia presents the use of AI in optimizing logistics operations by assigning trucks and crew to the appropriate doors at a shipping facility. Enhancing the capability with sensor data to determine cargo condition and location improves predictive capabilities.

Energy, Power and Utilities: Nokia presents a state-of-the-art analytics solution for the energy sector. Combining machine learning and edge and cloud computing the advanced video analytics detect anomalies on a scene and alert, allowing the energy firms to enhance security of their critical infrastructure.

In another demo, an animation shows how Nokia’s mission-critical IP Field Area Network (FAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) solution are crucial to building a highly intelligent, responsive grid operations and are fundamental to the transformation of the utility sector.

Nokia also demonstrates the benefits of asset lifecycle optimization application for power companies and/ oil and gas companies which allows the enterprises to geospatially visualize assets, analyze and correlate their behavior and performance over time, and act swiftly to avoid and mitigate issues. The application provides situational intelligence to help identify maintenance issues before breakdowns occur, thus enabling the company to operate cost-effectively.

Smart City: In the category of Smart City, Nokia showcases Integrated Operations Center (IOC), an actionable intelligence platform orchestrating operations from events to data-driven contextual actions based on analytics insights. It provides a foundation for a true city innovation with an intelligent and integrated city platform approach. Nokia is also showcasing its award-winning AVA Driver Behaviour Analytics solution for improved road safety. The solution is designed to improve road safety by providing road and driver insights to the automotive and insurance industries as well as city councils and transport authorities. Advanced insights can be delivered on driver safety, driving style and road hazards and conditions. In addition, Nokia also demonstrates how operators can use Worldwide IoT Network Grid (WING) to increase their revenue from Internet of Things (IoT).

SD-WAN 2.0: The company also showcases Nokia Nuage Networks’ SD-WAN 2.0 which has been built to unify the enterprise network from end-to-end while offering a holistic scope of visibility and control to program the entire network to dramatically improve operations and service agility. The future is rapidly changing, and it is difficult to predict the future needs of enterprise networks as 5G, IoT, AI and other technologies enter maturity. With SD-WAN 2.0 in place, enterprises can rely on an open and flexible infrastructure that has been proven to adapt to future business needs.

Security: This demo will use real live use cases in IoT and cloud security area to showcase how an integrated 5G security grid enables organizations to build a trusted, resilient business. It uses Nokia Software NetGuard to detect and mitigate threats, Deepfield’s router-based software to protect against Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attacks and Nokia Cloud Signaling Director (CSD) to safeguard against signaling attacks. Together it provides a robust end-to-end security.

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