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While the controversial 5G C-band rollout in the US sparks conversation if 5G is safe for aviation, another GCC country in the Middle East remains to be undisturbed as navigation systems in its national airspace and airports are safe from potential interference from 5G mobile networks.

The general authority of civil aviation (GACA) and the communications and information technology commission (CITC) issued a joint statement saying that the frequencies used in air transport ensure that air navigation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is unaffected and meet the requirements needed to provide high-quality navigation services with the highest levels of air safety.

The authority emphasized that the highest standards in the flow of air traffic are in line with the standards and requirements of the international civil aviation organization (ICAO). For its part, the CITC confirmed that the frequency bands of the Kingdom’s 5G network are specified in accordance with technical standards well suited to international best practices prevailing in more than 40 countries.

The commission is also keen on enabling highly reliable and safe services for all users, including navigation systems onboard the aircraft. They pointed out that these systems are safe from the risks of radio interference caused by 5G networks.

Moreover, UAE’s telecommunications and digital government regulatory authority (TDRA), which also coordinates with GACA, has already stated that the country has installed 5G stations in multiple places for many years, and no negative impact on the safety of air navigation systems has occurred.

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