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A leading media and events player in the ICT industry, Telecom Review Group has proven to have a crucial role in today’s digital scene. Seventeen years ago, the first Telecom Review edition was published. Today, Telecom Review leading media platforms are covering 80% of the ICT global readership in English, French and Arabic, under the umbrella of Trace Media, with the Middle East and Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, Arabia and North America editions.

Telecom Review Group’s global footprint has made it a leader in the ICT industry, whether in the media field or events.

Telecom Review editions

Telecom Review Middle East

Telecom Review Middle East was launched in 2005. The leading media platform covers the latest trends in the Middle East and Europe region in both print and digital editions, and provides exclusive interviews with C-level executives. A weekly newsletter is sent to a database of over 45,000 telecom executives to inform them about the most important updates in the telecoms and ICT industry.

Telecom Review Africa

Telecom Review Africa was first launched in 2010 as Telecom Review en Français and was rebranded to Telecom Review Africa in 2017. It is now a bilingual media platform covering the latest ICT trends in the continent in English and French. Its bi-weekly newsletter is sent to a database of over 26,000 telecom executives and its digital flipping editions are published bi-monthly.

Telecom Review Asia Pacific

Telecom Review Asia Pacific has become the only Pan-Asian media platform that covers the telecommunications and ICT industries in the region. The media was launched in 2013.

With a bi-weekly newsletter sent to a large database of more than 43,000 subscribers, an interactive website and a quarterly published digital magazine, Telecom Review Asia Pacific relays the latest news and publishes exclusive interviews with high level executives and industry players.

Telecom Review North America

Telecom Review North America was launched in 2010 and reaches today a high-level audience in North America through its newsletter sent to over 37,000 telecom executives, print and digital editions. It is also present in the most prominent industry events in North America.

Telecom Review Arabia

Formerly known as Teknotel, Telecom Review Arabia is among the first media targeting Arab speaking readers. It was launched in 2004 and rebranded to Telecom Review Arabia in 2021. The leading media platform covers the latest in the ICT industry and provides insights into the most trending topics in Arabic through its bi-weekly newsletter sent to over 34,000 telecom executives and monthly digital magazine.

Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit

For fifteen years, Telecom Review has been organizing its flagship event – The Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit. For the 16th edition, a new slogan was chosen to shed light on what Telecom Review Group is all about. “Global.Regional.Digital” is the new theme of the Summit that reflects the global coverage, regional reach and digital influence of Telecom Review.

The leading ICT gathering is a platform for industry experts to share their expertise, showcase products and network. It has become an annual tradition that they await, especially with the annual Awards Gala dinner that recognizes the achievements of leaders and brands.

Virtual panels and webinars

Telecom Review has always been a pioneer in the digital media space. Embracing digitalization has always been a key pillar of its vision and strategy. The virtual panels and webinar series organized by Telecom Review are connecting the industry’s leading operators, vendors, ICT companies, governmental entities and consultants.

Numerous panels and webinars throughout the year will target different ecosystems and markets, presenting a wide number of panelists and moderated by industry experts.

Going forward

Telecom Review Group will build on the success achieved throughout the years and will aim to accomplish new milestones and create limitless opportunities to thrive in an environment of endless developments. Once a leader, always a leader.

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