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Atrebo is a European technology company with more than ten years of experience in the telecommunications infrastructure management sector. It has offices in Seville, Madrid, Oslo, São Paulo and soon, also in Asia.

Through their software platform called TREE, MNOs and towercos manage the lifecycle of critical infrastructures, assets, and other devices (IoT) helping their digital transformation and completing automation, sensorization, intelligence and security solutions.

It is precisely in the telecommunications sector where Atrebo has become one of the market leaders in the management of telecommunications towers and fibre networks, ensuring the correct operation and maintenance of connectivity and internet access for millions of citizens and companies, and bringing efficiency and cost reduction to its customers.

Large telecommunications operators and towercos (infrastructure operators) from different countries and geographies, such as Telefónica, Vodafone or Vantage Towers are part of Atrebo's client portfolio, being present in more than 18 countries throughout Europe and Latin America, and with significant opportunities to expand to other continents in the near future.

But it is precisely in the partner ecosystem and, in the spirit of advancing through collaborative work, through the technological integration of the TREE platform, that Atrebo is making greatest advances to boost innovation and digitisation, bringing new value to the market.

The massive and intelligent use of IoT devices, the optimisation of processes through process mining or the use of blockchain are some of the practical applications and automations that Atrebo is launching into the market this year 2022; innovating and adding value and benefits for its customers.

Massive IoT deployment for telco infrastructure

The adoption of IoT solutions offers unlimited possibilities and advantages to many industries and transform how business successfully deliver products, develop the customer experience, allow innovation, and generate new business models. These benefits are within reach today for enterprises that partner with the right provider.

For the telco sector (towerCos and MNOS), the adoption of IoT allows to anticipate incidents on their asset and infrastructure with remote monitoring providing quality of service, improving the network availability, managing preventive and corrective maintenance, and collecting all the readings. Taking care of the infrastructure hassles and enable the creation of any kind of application on top (e.g., smart infrastructure, smart parking, air quality, traffic, smart waste management, etc).

In the case of IoT assets monitoring, Atrebo decided to partner with one of the market leaders developing solutions using LoRaWAN networks, Everynet.

The Atrebo platform simplifies massive IoT deployments by:

  • Massive registration, set up and OTA (over the air) configuration of devices
  • Inventory creation with customised attributes for each kind of sensor
  • Installation / deployment
  • Reading’s collection and curation, accessible for end user apps via API
  • Events and alert trigger where a certain change in the status of a device can trigger an alert that can be visible on a map of devices and locations based on a previously defined color code
  • On map status visualisation which is also applied to the sensors installed at a given location

Security and audit of assets with blockchain technology

Blockchain technology has arrived to revolutionize the world of asset security. At Atrebo, they know that only by working together with great technological leaders could they offer the best blockchain security solution.

That is why Atrebo has partnered with Telefónica Tech, and as one of their major innovations in 2022 presenting the solution for auditing inventory items using blockchain. This solution integrates within its TREE platform the possibility of auditing every action performed, from the creation of inventory elements to each modification made to them.

A practical example is the tokenization of a new site lease contract. If the contract undergoes any modification, such as savings obtained through the renegotiations module within TREE, all changes will be updated following the same process, giving telecoms infrastructure operators a reliable solution for any asset audit process.

Unlock hidden value using process mining

The know-how acquired by Atrebo going in join collaboration with large customers like Vodafone or Telefónica made them knew that using process mining technology was the next groundbreaking milestone to support their customers. In this case, Atrebo is going hand-in-hand with tech unicorn Celonis.

Atrebo has recently launched its first Celonis’ execution app – Telco Site Rental Savings, aiming to achieve massive rental optimization process for MNOs and towercos.

The solution lays on the TREE application and database, which is currently managing up to 250,000 telco towers and other mission critical infrastructures in different countries around the world.

The solution provides different role-based views aimed to control the main parameters of their business and showing how they are achieving these goals, both from a finance and managing perspective.

2021, consolidation in a year of uncertainty

For Atrebo, 2021 was a year of consolidation despite the global uncertainty. After being awarded a new global services framework agreement with a major multinational company in the telecom infrastructure sector, following a competitive process (RFQ) in which Atrebo won out over other multinational companies in the software sector, the deployment of the new release of TREE was successfully put into operation for end users.

This milestone will allow Atrebo to reach new geographical areas such as Northern Europe, as well as the possibility of entering more demanding markets such as Asia, for which the company is working to consolidate relationships with partners in the area, optimizing response times during deployment and streamlining the management of support and maintenance of new operations.

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