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H.E. Mohammad Al Ramsi, deputy director general for the Telecommunications sector, TDRA, delivered the opening keynote during the 16th Edition of the Telecom Review Leaders Summit at the Intercontinental Dubai.

Driving his point across on digital transformation, he said that the role of the private sector was that of a partner to the government to “build a bright reality.” He noted, “In the recent past, digital transformation was a form of foreseeing the future. Today, we live in the heart of all the digital solutions and technologies that compel us to move forward to achieve more strategies and goals with technologies like the internet of things, including autonomous cars, smartphones, big data, artificial intelligence and others.”

“The volume of connected IoT devices has grown recently. It is remarkable that this development is closely linked to the ICT sector, which today has become a strategic factor to achieve a better future for humanity — a future based on sustainable development and renewed happiness,” he continued. “It is no longer possible to imagine the separation between the telecommunications sector and digital transformation.”

He explained that, through a decree issued by UAE leadership in September 2020, TDRA has today become the telecommunications and digital governmental authority. “Our role can be summed up in two words: regulation and enablement of the telecom sector. As we know, the ICT sector is the main enabler for the digital transformation of all other sectors and services,” he said.

He touched upon the importance of the development of regulations for telecommunication services and infrastructure for 5G and beyond. He furthered that TDRA has developed and implemented strategies for digital transformation through partnerships with the private sector in building centralized systems such as the UAE Pass to access government services online, among others. He also noted that the right regulatory approach was important to build comprehensive strategies and plans for a better future as well as for attracting investments.

In conclusion, he stated that while talking about development strategies, regulations and technology investment, digital transformation is all about meeting the needs of the end user and, ultimately, a happy community.

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