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An interesting fireside discussion took place between Masood M. Sharif Mahmood, CEO, Etisalat by e&, and Jawad Abbassi, head of MENA Region, GSMA, during the 16th Edition of the Telecom Review Leaders' Summit at the Intercontinental Dubai.

Upon Jawad’s inquiry about business ecosystems changing drastically and witnessing the rise of large conglomerates and the demise of others and challenging the telco’s status quo, Mahmood said the challenges are all over and all across. He said that to realize the opportunities of technological transformations, sometimes looking backward helps. “Sometimes, you have to look backwards. Once we were a telephone company and now with modern communications and new technologies we have our footprints in many countries. Today, we are bringing people closer to everything and everyone, empowering new generations and new ways of living. We are inspired by the possibilities we see in this world — in every place, every person, the future. We're creating where you can be who you want to be and do what you want to do. We just have to make it together. We are e& and we're here to make possible,” explained Mahmood.

Responding to Jawad’s second query about changes taking place in e& and etisalat by e&, Mahmood said that efficiency in all aspects of network performance was very important for evolving from a telco to a techno. “The use of AI, ML and robotics for network performance will truly help our business grow,” said Mahmood.

When asked about the expansion plans of the company, Mahmood maintained that business growth both organically and inorganically was important. “Competition is good; competition is healthy. The ecosystem has been supportive in terms of innovation,” noted Mahmood.

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