Zain KSA won four awards at the annual Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit, which honors ICT leaders for their pioneering achievements. Zain KSA won awards for “Best Middle Eastern 5G Standalone Network”, “Best Middle Eastern Cloud Provider”, “Best Middle Eastern CSR Initiative”, and “Middle East CTO Merit Leader of the Year” during the summit’s 16th edition held in Dubai on December 7 and 8 2022.

Zain KSA was awarded “Best Middle Eastern 5G Stand Alone Network” in recognition of its roll-out of the Kingdom’s first 5G Stand Alone network in January 2022. This paved the way for 5G-based applications and use cases, and opened up new horizons for the growth of digital services enabling individuals and businesses to keep up with the nationwide digital transformation, in line with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030. With this technology, Zain KSA has provided added value to its individual, business, and government customers by providing a reliable and secure telecommunications infrastructure that achieves the best possible response times.

In addition, Zain KSA received the “Best Middle Eastern Cloud Provider” award in recognition of its contributions to developing the Middle East’s cloud computing sector by supporting Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation through Zain Cloud. Combining the best technologies through partnerships with world-class cloud providers while adhering to the highest cybersecurity and data protection standards, Zain Cloud supports a wide array of flexible and practical applications. This allows customers from governmental entities, the business sector, and individuals to grow their businesses and benefit from cloud-based infrastructure, services, and software to manage their businesses through strategic and interactive decision-making without human intervention.

Zain KSA won the “Best Middle Eastern CSR Initiative” in recognition of its corporate sustainability and social responsibility strategy, specifically its efforts in empowering Saudi women and increasing their representation in leadership positions within the Saudi ICT sector. Zain KSA's initiatives to empower women and increase diversity and inclusion, most notably "Women in Technology", have inspired national talent and motivated them to work in the sector.

The Telecom Review Leaders' Summit also awarded Zain KSA's Chief Technology Officer, Eng. Abdulrahman Al-Mufadda, with the “Middle East CTO Merit Leader of the Year” in recognition of his leadership within the company that also reflected on the whole ICT sector, as well as his remarkable efforts in developing advanced digital services and solutions, and his role in helping the company to redefine the role of telecom providers to achieve sustainability in the sector. Eng. Al-Mufadda and his team led key initiatives that contributed to empowering a digital knowledge-based society and accelerating the Kingdom's digital transformation, making Zain KSA a key partner in achieving the Kingdom's goals of spreading the social and economic advantages of digitalization and transforming into a hub for innovation and technology. 

Commenting on these awards, Zain KSA's Chief Communications Officer, Mr. Rayan bin Abdullah Al-Turki, said: "We are proud of these new accolades that enrich our wide range of international, regional and local awards, certificates and recognitions that we have received over the past few years.  This endorses the success of our strategy as a leading provider of telecommunications and digital services and a model for an integrated digital ecosystem based on technologically advanced infrastructure and supported by quality investments in innovation and development, producing services, solutions and applications that drive a digital future across all sectors and fields, and enables us to contribute to achieving balanced digital development that benefits the entire Kingdom and supports its vision to achieve largescale digital transformation."

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