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A panel of industry experts convened to discuss new opportunities, network performance, multi-connectivity, high data consumption growth, investment requirements, satellite connectivity, and outsourcing international voice services.

The Panel Speakers

  • Hassan Kabbani, CCO of AALTO HAPS
  • Imran Malik Khan, Senior Vice President Enterprise & Cloud, EMEA & APAC, SES
  • Ari Banerjee, SVP of Strategy at Netcracker Technology
  • Sameh Sobhy, MD Middle East, Turkey & Africa at PCCW Global
  • Simon Boylin, Regional Strategic Area Director at Verizon
  • Amaru Chavez-Pujol, CTO and CIO of Bayobab

Moderated by Georges Jaber, VP Wholesales and BD at salam, the panel provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of the wholesale industry.

Development of New Technologies

During the panel discussion, Hassan Kabbani, CCO of AALTO HAPS, highlighted the substantial expectations placed on telecom operators. He also mentioned the collective call for increased investment and the development of new technologies.

Imran Malik Khan, Senior Vice President Enterprise & Cloud, EMEA & APAC, SES, discussed the evolving trends in satellite technology, noting its increasing mainstream adoption. The focus is not solely on pushing towards the edge but also on making satellite technology more accessible and affordable.

Network as a Platform

The panel also discussed network as a platform, with Ari Banerjee, SVP of Strategy at Netcracker Technology, emphasizing its potential to assist operators in addressing enterprise markets. He highlighted the role of full-service operators in enabling other enterprises, observing a trend where enterprises don’t necessarily have to make substantial investments.

Sameh Sobhy, MD Middle East, Turkey & Africa at PCCW Global, stressed the transformative impact on education, emphasizing the shift from traditional to automated delivery of connectivity and access. This transition encompasses innovative solutions that leverage automation to enhance the accessibility and efficiency of educational services, reflecting the broader trend of digital transformation in the education sector. Sobhy's insights underscore the potential for technology to revolutionize the way education is delivered and accessed across the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa.

Simon Boylin, Regional Strategic Area Director at Verizon, discussed the transformative power of multi-connectivity enabled by 5G technology. He explored how the deployment of 5G is not merely about faster speeds but rather a comprehensive evolution in connectivity, enabling diverse devices and systems to seamlessly communicate. Boylin emphasized the profound impact of this multi-connectivity paradigm on various industries, indicating a shift towards a more interconnected and technologically advanced ecosystem. His insights underscore the pivotal role of 5G in shaping the future of connectivity and fostering innovation across diverse sectors.

Amaru Chavez-Pujol, CTO and CIO of Bayobab, highlighted the demand for high-speed connections and the role of the wholesale industry. He also noted the need to ensure sufficient capacity and explore innovative approaches. Chavez-Pujol's insights illuminate the critical role that technological leadership and strategic innovation play in navigating the dynamic landscape of high-speed connections and wholesale services within the telecommunications sector.

The panel also explored the value of leveraging advanced technologies. Overall, the discussions emphasized the importance of collaboration, advanced infrastructure, and innovative technologies in meeting evolving connectivity needs.

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