Just when we thought that the hype around 5G has come to an end, a new spotlight is shed on the next network generation. As much as 5G is powerful, the capabilities of 6G will be unimaginable. Even though 5G still hasn’t materialized all over the world, however, getting ready to 6G is now a reality, even if it might seem far-fetched at this stage.

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There is always an advantage of arriving first. For instance, reaching a popular restaurant before everyone else gives you the option of choosing the best table and ideally enjoying the atmosphere there. Although slightly far-fetched, the analogy manages to help visualize the benefits of exploring the untapped use cases of 5G early on.

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eVulpa, a UAE based company, has been appointed to be the exclusive partner for the commercial rights of the West Asia Super League which has been created by FIBA, the International Basketball Federation recently. The West Asia Super League is a new pan-regional league for the top professional clubs in West Asia, Gulf, India and Kazakhstan.

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Telecom Review’s upcoming virtual panel “The 5G Trail: What is next?” will be held on April 12, 5pm Dubai time, to reflect on 5G networks in service today, the ongoing evolution of standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) 5G architectures, why 5G needs to work alongside AI, IoT, satellites, etc. for maximum efficiency, what are the best use cases for large-scale 5G adoption, frequency interference: satellites, telecommunications and aviation bands.

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The capacity business is a key driver within the Middle East and African countries, affecting telcos and other business players while the increasing penetration of 5G, fiber services, adoption of cloud-based services, and other emerging technologies occur. This extensively brings the need for better bandwidth that can carry data traffic seamlessly and securely across borders.

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