Salam, one of Saudi Arabia’s most established providers of carrier capacity and next-generation cloud and connectivity solutions, is showcasing its range of wholesale solutions at Capacity Middle East 2023 in Dubai from March 7 to 9.

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On today’s information highway, perhaps the best conduit to carry data so far has been optical fiber or fiber optic cables. Fiber optics transmit data using light as the carrier through optical fibers that are thinner than a human hair. Over the years, this technology is steadily gaining popularity with its advantages like higher bandwidth, better long-distance communication, lighter weight and higher security compared to metal cables.

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Lightstorm announced the expansion of its global footprint by starting operations in the Middle East. Lightstorm will make a multi-million-dollar investment in the region to expand its presence and to strengthen its digital infrastructure there.

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In today's digitized world, connectivity is crucial to digitalization, and networks are key to connectivity. Enterprises need to build intelligent networks with agile architecture and energy-saving features to fully maximize their digital productivity in order to create the ultimate user experience.

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According to the 2022 Mobile Economy Report by GSMA, the number of 5G global connections is predicted to double to 2 billion by 2025. The pace of 5G deployments has overtaken the previous generation of mobile technology, and in a short time, marked progress has significantly impacted network deployment, consumer services and industrial applications.

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An 80s American TV series called “Small Wonder” had everyone glued to their sofas during prime time. It was about a robot modeled as a 10-year-old girl who was adopted as a daughter by her maker and his family. The amusing conversation between “Vicki” — a morphed translation of Voice Input Child Identicant (V.I.C.I.) — and the family members as she tried to pick up human behavior through her super-powered learning system made for exciting TV watching.

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In the context of space technology, the earth has significantly benefited from a lot of innovations and advancements related to space, particularly in terms of communications, positioning based on products or services, earth observation based on gathering data about Earth’s physical, chemical, and biological systems using remote sensing technologies, and commercial space activity such as direct-to-home satellite television (DirecTV and DishTV), satellite radio (Sirius XM), and commercial communications satellites that transmit voice, data and Internet services (such as Intelsat Ltd., SES Global, and Eutelsat).

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