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Integrated Telecom Company (ITC), the leading Information and Communications Technology Company has signed an agreement with the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) to implement the high-speed fiber optic broadband initiative.

His Excellency the Governor of the Communications and Information Technology Commission Dr. Abdulaziz Al Ruwais and the CEO of ITC Eng. Ghassan Itani signed the agreement in the presence of His Highness Prince Saud bin Khalid bin Abdullah, Chairman of the Board of Directors at ITC Company, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Eng. Abdullah Bin Amer Al Sawahah, and other senior officials from the Ministry and the company.

The share of ITC from the broadband implementation project is 30%, equivalent to 121,500 residential units in urban areas with a high density and 519, 0000 in urban areas, at a cost of about 3.5 billion riyals.

Itani said: "This agreement comes within the framework of the continuous support and participation of ITC to the directives of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and CITC, and continuing its commitment to utilize all its material, technical and human resources to achieve all the strategic objectives of the National Transition Program 2020 initiatives."

He added: "This agreement will improve the level of services that provided to its customers in all sectors." Pointing out that, the company great expertise will contribute to the development of this vital sector, the enhancement of the digital infrastructure and the provision of high-speed fiber optic broadband services to the urban areas of the Kingdom and to vital government houses and facilities.

ITC works with a number of IT specialized partners to provide communication solutions, managed services and cloud services, which rank it in the forefront of Information and Communications Technology Service (ICT) providers in Saudi Arabia that enhances its capability to provide the best services that suit the government and business sectors in the Kingdom.

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