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du has entered into an agreement with Dubai Economy to educate consumers, brand owners and commercial agencies about consumer confidence and empowerment. The agreement was recently signed between Mohamed Ali Rashed Lootah, Chief Executive Officer of Commercial Compliance, Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector in Dubai Economy, and Ahmad Aburahima, Senior Vice President, Government Relations at du.

In line with this agreement, du will support initiatives related to the Consumer Confidence Index, the Consumer Empowerment Index, and workshops to educate business owners. The Consumer Confidence Index predicts consumer confidence when it comes to economic activity and performance, while the Consumer Empowerment Index, the first-of-its-kind in the region and the second in the world after the EU Commission, aims to measure consumer awareness of their rights and duties in Dubai. In addition to the indexes, du will organize several workshops for business owners to educate small and medium enterprises on topics related to consumer confidence and empowerment indicators, aimed at developing and qualifying Dubai's entrepreneurs.

Commenting on this partnership, Mohamed Ali Rashed Lootah said: "We are delighted to partner with du. Through this partnership, we aim to raise consumer awareness by organizing a variety of programs for each region in Dubai. We are committed to ensure transparency and security in buying and selling procedures in the retail sector, which is the main driver of the local economy in line with the highest quality standards and practices in the world."

Ahmad Aburahima said: "We are keen to support government initiatives aimed at promoting a transparent and secure economic environment in terms of dealing between consumers and business owners. Through this partnership with Dubai Economy, we are able to further contribute to the UAE's efforts in building a knowledge-based economy through various awareness campaigns that will contribute to educating the public, as well as small and medium enterprises."

Customer service is at the core of du's business strategies, and the company aims to excel at serving customers across the board. This is evident through the company's internal indicators to identify customers' rights and measure their satisfaction to improve the services provided to them.

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