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'Technology for good' was a major focus at Etisalat this year during GITEX Technology Week' focusing on transformative technologies that will enhance the lives of the differently-abled, specially designed to help them in their day to day activities, many of them showcased for the first time in the country.

The showcase of these technologies was also keeping in line with Etisalat's overall strategy of increasing the happiness quotient for all citizens in the country by introducing solutions and technologies that make a major impact and change lives of people.

"This year at GITEX Technology Week, these transformative technologies also aimed to showcase how it can change lives and spread happiness in all segments of society. At Etisalat, our efforts strive to work with Dubai's Smart Office's happiness meter in the country prioritising citizen's happiness and satisfaction levels. 'Technologies for Good' was a major focus this year with technologies from across the world exhibited and highlighting how it can make a difference in the lives of the impaired," highlighted Dr Ahmed Bin Ali, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communication, Etisalat Group.

From the world's first, mass-producible, micro-braille smart watch to a smart glass for the blind, these transformative technologies can make a major difference in the lives of the visually impaired and got a lot of attention from visitors at GITEX. The DOT Braille Smart Watch is lightweight and offers flexibility in manufacturing and design. 'Drishti' technology developed by Accenture through the smart glasses helps recognise objects and say what it sees through an audio to the person wearing the glass.

Mind rockets, another assistive technology targets the hearing-impaired providing instant translation in different sign languages for multiple platforms such as websites, mobile apps, youtube videos etc.

Virtual bionics, another innovative technology supported by Accenture focused on patients having missing limbs taking them to a virtual world where they can see actual hands giving their physicians better opportunities to assess their situation for better therapy. This year, pediatric gait exoskeleton made a major impact where a complete artificial muscle placed in each joint provides the effects of their movements but also muscle effect facilitating the natural walking pattern. 

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