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Dr. Khaled Biyari, STC Group CEO, confirmed that Telecoms turning towards Digitization is a need imposed by local and international reality. He emphasized that STC will move gradually from conventional telecommunications to Digitization.

The new STC Academy, which will start in Riyadh within weeks, will change the culture of all its employees to deal with a new era in the world of communications and information technology, noting that the company's focus in the future is to keep up with the variables on cloud computing, information security, Internet of things, digital financial services, and digital media. Biyari explained that explained that the company's investment in the application of "Dawri Plus" through the company "Intigral" indicates the success of the new investment, there are 2 million subscribers in the application, which makes us expand this application in the Gulf countries and Arab countries, and that the journey of change in STC launched 3 years ago by the company`s staff, And the next three years is a radical change for the company, in light of the trend towards new investments completely different from the reality of the current conventional communications, which will begin to decline gradually. He also stated that STC contracts in GITEX reached SR 6 BN. These contracts are part of the company`s capital investments. He tackled the STC Venture of 500 MN$, stating that this projects supports the Kingdom`s vision 2030. The forum also, reviewed experiences of youth who have the support of (InspirU) Incubator that is adopted and followed up by STC.

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