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Diego Massidda, CEO, Partner Markets, Vodafone Group, believes digital transformation is all about creating "better experiences" for customers. The company aims to create better customer experiences by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. Massidda spoke during a panel discussion at the 9th edition of the Telecom Review Leaders' Summit held from December 6-7 in Dubai.

The CEO of Partner Markets at Vodafone was joined by EITC (du) CEO Mr. Osman Sultan in a visionary debate titled ‘Digital for Telcos: The Internal and External transformations' which was moderated by Chief Business Officer at NXN, Mr. Labib Matta. In the debate, the executives examined the digital transformation of telecommunication operators and looked at the internal and external dynamics of that transformation process.

Massidda outlined Vodafone's position towards digital transformation, and reiterated how creating "better experiences" for its customers was its primary strategic objective. In addition to this, he welcomed the integration of big data, AI and automation into its services, which he feels will help accelerate Vodafone's execution of its vision and mission.

"Vodafone's digital transformation is about creating a really positive outcome for our customers, which is always our objective" said Massidda. "We're utilizing the data we're collecting on a global basis from our customers and our systems in really intelligent ways, and we're using Big Data to advance that aim."

Massidda added, "Our primary objective in doing this is to make our customers happy, by providing them with the services they want. We want to make our investments much more fruitful in terms of user intelligence and how we run our network in a much more efficient way to give greater experiences. Big data, digital analytics, delivery of better experiences, and profitability are all key strategic goals, as well as a more efficient rollout of the network."

In addition, Massidda said Vodafone is focused on increasing its customer experiences by introducing more AI and automation. "We're already using AI and automation in a number of geographies and with digital agents to integrate these new customer experiences. It's so important to us to provide the services that our customers need, and we can do this in a quicker and more efficient way due to the emergence of AI and automation."

Massidda also highlighted how Vodafone is putting a lot of its resources into developing digital channels to improve these experiences and stressed how the company aims to create a more personalized services for customers, which he acknowledged was something all telco operators were guilty of not being good at in the past.

Massidda concluded by saying, "We're trying to create a much better digital experience in digital channels by putting a lot of effort into our Vodafone application, which is our main channel of communication."

He added, "Nowadays, everybody uses more digital channels, because it's become an easy, quick and simple experience. I think we need to be aware of what the customers want, but the better we make the digital experience the more the customer will want to use it, and this will be good for us because it will enable us to really provide personalized and relevant offers to our customers."

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